The Compound Wellingborough


The Hope Centre (not the church), 119 Nest Farm Crescent , Hemmingwell , Wellingborough , Northamptonshire NN8 4TU

Our History

The Compound Wellingborough was set up in 2013 to give people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity, a chance to take part in physical and mental training with a difference.

People from areas of deprivation were given access to a form of exercise that not only benefits them physically but also mentally. Calisthenics has had a positive impact on people’s lives, from youngsters who have now qualified coaches to those who are now leading a positive lifestyle – all through Calisthenics and personal development. Some of these young people are now volunteering and teaching others.

The Compound Wellingborough raised funds through various fundraising activities to build a calisthenics rig in a local park for the local people. This rig has helped break down barriers and bring people together from all walks of life, leading to positive outcomes.

Latest Achivements

Youth mentor Kam giving back to Wellingborough estate with 'life-changing' calisthenics equipment

A Wellingborough man has fullfilled his ambition of seeing an outdoors training area being installed for people on the estate where he spent much of his youth.

Kam Parmar now works as a coach and mentor, specialising in supporting young people at risk of gang involvement, crime and social exclusion but he was involved in some of the same high risk activities as a teenager.

His discovery of calisthenics, a strength training regime and lifestyle, has helped shape his body and mind, and refocused his life helping vulnerable young people living on the Hemmingwell estate.

The £22,000 ‘rig’ for use by the whole community has been installed with the help of of a grant from Sport England and Wellingborough Council.

Mr Parmar said: “When I was growing up I got involved in fighting and some crime. My childhood wasn’t easy.

“My mum left us and my dad worked all the hours to pay the mortgage and put food on the table – he tried his best, working in a factory.

“I had a second mum and dad on the Hemmingwell who looked after me and helped me. Thinking back I wanted attention but I got into all sorts of trouble and was arrested a few times.